In 2018, Unlimited Abilities was introduced to a company called AccessRec

AccessRec is an industry leading, technological innovator in the design, manufacture and distribution of the world’s most earth-friendly and remarkably effective semi-rigid and roll-out portable ADA pathways and temporary roadway and beach mat systems.

Accessibility to all outdoor recreation and entertainment

Unlimited Abilities Foundation was proud to have AccessRec become a corporate sponsor after they learned of our mission and what we are doing for the future of disabilities as a whole. UAF was also very excited to see the ever evolving technologies that AccessRec utilizes to help with a wide variety of disabilities both nationally and internationally. We look forward to our new-found relationship and look forward to working with AccessRec for years to come.

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To learn more about their products and Company background, please visit their website:

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Ambassador Lisa’s Story

In late 2011, Lisa was out one weekend with her family on a routine boat trip enjoying the beautiful ocean as she normally did. Within one split-second, the boat caught a wave improperly and Lisa sustained a spinal cord injury. Lisa worked tirelessly and aggressively on her recovery efforts to become strong, functional and as independent as possible once again.

Although Lisa is using a manual wheelchair for her day-to-day functions, she forever continues to feel the calling of the beach and the ocean that she so enjoyed whether by herself, with friends or family.

In 2018, Lisa became an Ambassador with Unlimited Abilities Foundation to work with accessible Beach mats throughout the south Florida Community. Lisa works weekly on education with city and state officials, private Resorts and hotel chains and is also working with homeowners associations so that as many people with different disabilities can get back to the love that they feel for the ocean. Lisa has not only been a tremendous asset as an Ambassador for the accessible Beach mats but also a positive influence in the south Florida Community for individuals that have sustained similar injuries. We look forward to continually working with Lisa and getting these Beach mats throughout the state of Florida, southeast part of the United States and with the hopes of going Nationwide.


UAF and AccessRec are proud to announce a joint collaboration to provide as many ADA accessible beach mats throughout the south Florida region. Our primary focus for this year is Palm Beach County where we were just able to sign a deal for the implementation of three mats on city and county beaches throughout Palm Beach. We also have a verbal agreement for an additional 6 mats next year. We are already talking with major Resorts, Hotel chains, other municipalities, homeowners associations and a few Seaside business establishments for the possibility of purchasing accessible Beach mats for their locations. We will start to put up an integrated map sometime in 2019.

Please continue to support this cause as we are all working diligently to provide the most accessibility for all individuals with disabilities!

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