In 2018, Unlimited Abilities Foundation (through various events) was fortunate enough to meet with the management and owners of Birchwood Credit Services. After multiple conversations and being able to show exactly what UAF does to fulfill its mission of working with the disability population, they immediately wanted to assist in our mission and be able to expand upon our programs in exponential fashion.

To date, Birchwood Credit Services has been with us every step of the way! On a monthly basis, we continue our meetings and show the progress and the amount of lives that are impacted because of their willingness and generosity. Throughout this time, not only has Birchwood learned about us, but we have learned about the amazing services that they provide to industry partners and individuals seeking all different aspects of credit reporting, verification, security, compliance and so much more. This happens to be one of the most comprehensive credit services nationwide.

Working with Birchwood Credit Services, Inc. is like having your own credit reporting and verification back office. Your dedicated personal assistant makes sure that you are delighted each and every time you reach out for help.

Your call is always answered by a knowledgeable and professional representative who can help solve your problem-not later, but right now. We even offer direct consumer assistance for when you need to focus on other things. We provide our broad range of financial credit services including credit reporting and verification services to mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, and depository institutions all across the U.S., and we do it promptly, securely, and with a smile.”

Unlimited Abilities Foundation truly admires the services that Birchwood has provided throughout the years. Just as important, we have always found it amazing to always be greeted by a knowledgeable representative every time we call and never an automated system. Birchwood goes above and beyond to provide the best in credit services on the highest professional level with personable values!!! Something that we have always instilled as part of our core mission.

Please take a look and learn more about these comprehensive credit services:

Birchwood Credit Services