In January, 2020 Unlimited Abilities Foundation primary focus was to continue fulfilling its mission of serving the disability population throughout the state of Florida with our four primary programs which are accessible beach mats, recreational/educational disability scuba diving, spinal cord injury program and providing additional necessary equipment not covered by traditional insurances.

In the middle of February, 2020, our multiple programs came to a halt. Early on as this virus started to impact this country, we identified immediately that many of our individuals with disabilities do not have necessary durable medical equipment (DME), personal protection equipment (PPE), and personal care supplies and items in case of our major supply chains going off-line. Our entire team (including over 30 volunteers) started taking orders in early March and working with online companies, major distributors and local brick-and-mortar establishments. While we were fulfilling these orders and having them delivered or dropped off, we found many individuals with disabilities (that do not have family or community) with minimal to no food or proper sanitary equipment as well. We again regrouped and ordered many disinfectant kits and care products to assist with distribution. We also started fulfilling any grocery needs (especially for the ones that were receiving pre-made meals and were no longer getting them).

We are working on a daily basis to continue to fulfill all these items to the best of our ability. More orders are coming in every day. Although we have grown in brand identity and reputation, due to this Covid 19 pandemic, monetary funds are more important than ever at this point.

We are asking for any donations so we can continue to assist in this Covid 19 relief and to also help us spread the word to any other organizations or companies that would like to sponsor and continue our efforts of serving the disability population throughout the state of Florida.