Unlimited Abilities is proud to have been sponsored by the Nielsen Foundations quality of life grant award. Through the support of the Neilsen Foundation, Unlimited Abilities has been able to educate, teach and assist South Florida disability individuals in the recreational sport of disability scuba diving. Unlimited Abilities looks forward to an ongoing relationship with the Craig H Neilsen Foundation.

The Neilsen Foundation’s Quality of Life Program Grants are one year grants that target innovative projects and programs designed to empower individuals with spinal cord injury to live independently and enjoy improved emotional and physical well-being. Funding categories include Assistive Technology, Education, Independent Living, Rehabilitation, and Sports and Recreation.

Since the Foundation’s inception in 2002, Quality of Life Program Grants have supported a variety of projects that include, but are not limited to: adaptive driving, adaptive sports and recreation, home modifications, housing initiatives, patient assistance programs, rehabilitation services and equipment, SCI-related mentoring and education initiatives, scholarships, transportation initiatives, and vocational programs.