In January 2018, UAF was approached by Medical Technologies of Georgia (MTG) in regards to one of their newest products the Eagle™ Catheter Board self catheterization unit for quadriplegics. After multiple meetings and proper demonstrations, UAF realized the tremendous importance of this patented product and how it increases independence and functionality with daily living skills for individuals with severe disabilities. This product and various other products that MTG have in their product line, align very well with our mission here at Unlimited Abilities Foundation. After further discussion, MTG wanted to jump on board and become a corporate sponsor of UAF because of the need and importance of our mission and the work that we do in the South Florida community. We are proud to build this professional relationship and look forward to what the future holds with Medical Technologies of Georgia. To learn a little bit more about them, please read below:

About MTG Urinary Catheters

“Medical Technologies of Georgia is wholly devoted to improving the quality of life for anyone using intermittent catheterization. At MTG, it’s our goal to make self-catheterization of the bladder possible for anyone regardless of gender, disease, or disability.

MTG is a manufacturer of unique male, female, and pediatric catheters. Many users with hand and finger dexterity impairment find our technology to be life-changing, bringing independence to their bladder care program. Our patented MTG EZ-Advancer® valve holds the tube in place during insertion, preventing slippage back into the bag. For those with minimal finger dexterity, we offer our patented MTG EZ-Gripper®, created for utilization by tetraplegic (aka quadriplegic) users. If your doctor has prescribed intermittent catheters, MTG likely has as an answer for you.

MTG Catheters are 100% latex-free, pre-lubricated, closed catheterization systems. Our soft, silicone introducer tip permits the catheter tube to bypass bacteria within the distal urethra, a primary source of contamination and UTI causing pathogens. There’s comfort in knowing that proper use minimizes contamination of the bladder and reduces the risk of recurrent UTIs. In summary, our closed system is intended to Protect and Collect; protect the sterility of the catheter during the entire procedure and collect the urine upon voiding.”

Contact Info
Medical Technologies of Georgia, Inc.
Toll Free (888) 511-4239
15151 Prater Drive, Suite E, Covington, GA 30014