Supporting, Promoting, Encouraging Disabled Individuals
The Unlimited Abilities Foundation (UAF) continually seeks to assist disabled individuals to achieve their full potential in life. UAF knows that treatment of spinal cord injuries (SCI), stroke and other severe neurological disabilities can be long and tedious, but surprising improvement is possible. UAF sponsors aggressive, out-of-the box programs that challenge and engage disabled men, women and children. These programs offer new hopes for returning veterans and can help to mend shattered lives.

UAF supports and offer programs for educational, vocational purposes that empowers an individual with a neurological disability to maximize their full potential and move back into the work force, start their own business and/or become an active member within their home community. UAF believes a person can do most anything others can do, just in a different way and with proper support and resources.

By UAF providing these types of programs and opportunities to individuals with neurological disabilities, UAF continues to improve the quality of life for individuals by promoting independence for employment, service and improvements in their everyday living skills.